Immigration Consultants Software

Why Immigration Consultants Software?

Empower your immigration consultancy with Immigration CRM, our advanced cloud-based solution. Dedicated to ensuring a seamless workflow, our specialized software simplifies client management for effortless operations. Designed for easy maintenance of client relationships, Immigration CRM offers optimal efficiency in the complex field of immigration consultancy. Rely on our platform to enhance your capabilities, streamline processes, and provide a superior experience for both you and your clients in the realm of immigration services.

Key Features

Immigration Consultants Software

Adroit Infosystem’s Immigration CRM is a cloud-based software designed for seamless immigration consultancy management. Offering effortless client monitoring, automated proceedings, and zero installation, it ensures cost-effective and flexible operations. With transparency, team collaboration, and secure data transition, it becomes a trustworthy choice for immigration consultants. Boost efficiency with quick analytics and notifications, making it a comprehensive solution for visa application management.

Efficiency and Automation
95 %
Flexibility and Customization
90 %
Data Security and Transparency
99 %

Salient Features

Leads & Application Management

  • Managing Leads & Client Application
  • Managing Duplicate records
  • Option to upload Bulk Leads and assign to a particular user
  • Track complete Lead history, client history and Application Status

Immigration Management

  • Filter Search available for staff as well as for you
  • Search applications and clients
  • Multiple Countries agreement management
  • Other agreement expiry reminders
  • Track real-time documents and send client updates

Associate Login

  • Manage your Associates
  • Let your Associate enter their application

Client Panel

  • Client Login Available
  • Allow Clients to track application status from your website

Security & Branding

  • Your Logo on complete application
  • Restrict you CRM access by IP Permission
  • Works on SSL
  • Role wise permission for your Counselor, Branch manager, Admission Officer, Visa Officer, Accounts, Admin

Top FAQ`s and Support

Why Immigration agency needs CRM?

  • If agency is getting difficulty in managing leads, students, admissions processes or taking too much time for commission invoicing, then CRM will definately going to help

What does it offer in terms of control and transparency?

StudyCRM will not only give you unparalleled control over your business operations but also gives you transparency among various business departments.

Is CRM better than Spreadsheets?

We do understand that spreadsheet is one of the easiest way to manage but most of the time you are left with unorganized data, no reminders and full of insecurity. With the implementation of a robust CRM, even the tedious task of rigorous followup becomes easy.

What all benefits will this Immigration CRM by Adroit Infosystem will have on my business?

The benefits of an Immigration CRM extend far beyond lead or application management but it’s a transformative tool that enhances staff efficiency, optimizes workflows and ultimately propel your agency towards more customer satisfaction.

How to choose which CRM is best for you?

First of all write down what is your need and where you and your staff are getting problem in your business day. Here we are give you few highlight which you can consider before finalizing.

1. Price transparency: Generally people come up with small cost and keep other cost as hidden, which you may realise once you already spend a sufficient amount of time on it and become difficult for you to change now.

2. Specialization: Always look for software which is specialised in your domain because you are dealing with people who also know a lot about your industry, their problem and can give you immediate solution.

3. Customizability: Look for a CRM that can be customized as per your need but as the company is already speciased in it so they would be well equipped with admissions processes and your organizational needs and would be having most of those.

4. Communication: Always opt for an CRM which is equipped with not only template based email, sms etc. but also enabled to send these email or sms automatically on particular event.

5. Analytical MIS: CRM should be having practical reports which could help in decision-making rather then just displaying the data. This will give boost to your staff productivity and transparency among future business and financial trends.

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