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Why Immigration Consultants Software?

We are here to support your immigration consultancy for smooth workflow and easy maintenance of your clients with our cloud based Immigration Consultants software, Immigration CRM.

  • Effortless monitoring of client

overview leads’ progress report by maintaining their documents, visa procedures and absolute guidance as per their visa requirements.

  • Automated Clients proceedings

The automatic facility that schedules and plans the follow-ups of the leads and helps you to focus on increasing the business conversion ratio by generating ROI.

  • No installation- no maintenance cost

The Immigration Management Software, Immigration CRM is not needed to be installed and thus, no need for maintenance cost as it runs over the web portals and smartly handles every task.

  • Flexible module:- for the adroit team collaborations

The immigration consultants software, Immigration CRM provides the flexibility to the working of the associates, ensuring team management and team spirit in the consultancy.

  • 100% Transparency

The Online immigration consultants software, Immigration CRM provides the 100% transparency of their work progress to the clients and ensure the trust with your Immigration VISA Consultancies

  • Your consultants — Your CRM

The visa tracking immigration management software can be customized as per your consultancy requirements, you can edit, add and remove the packages as per your requirements.

Lead management

  • The apt detailing of leads and clients’ information
  • The clients from multiple sources are booked in a safe and secure directory
  • The follow up and serializing of leads’ workflow become easy with the Immigration CRM.
  • The functionality like addition, dropping of leads, inclusive of the payments, agreements ensures the smooth lead management in the immigration consultants software CRM.

Document Management

  • The document handling for the visa proceedings become easy for the visa consultants
  • The tracking of the documentation proceedings, detailings for the requirements of the clients
  • Maintaining records for the sensitive documents on the constraints of approval and rejection.

Leads Transfer

  • Enables the smooth workflow and balances the stability of your consultancy
  • The leads can be shared or transferred among the associates with mutual consents
  • The consistency to manage the leads without missing any details remains stagnant

Safe and secure transition of data

  • The Immigration CRM is Cloud Based software, procured by the cloud Technology
  • No data go lost, as the Immigration Management software, Immigration CRM’s database does not delete anything. Any data can be recovered from it anytime.
  • In case of hardware malpractices, the cloud acts as secondary memory

Quick analysis for Sale and Marketing Analytics

  • Lessens the paperwork and improves the efficiency of your workforce
  • Provides the deep and integrated study for the sales and marketing analysis
  • The analytical and statistical insights provides the future scope of the consultants as well as the sectors of improvements.

The Notifications and Alerts over mails and SMS

  • The automated SMS and Email notifications are generated that monitors the progress of your visa application.
  • The SMS and mail alerts for upcoming payments and birthday wishes.
  • The reminders are set to collect or to submit the relevant documents.