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Why Hospital Instruments Sterilization CRM software?

Bring actionable intelligence to your sterile processing operations

We are here to support your hospital instrument inventory for safe and assured measures to prevent any kind of threats to your hospital’s patients as well as monitoring the instruments using our cloud-based Hospital Instruments CRM software.

  • Effortless monitoring of instruments

The software overviews hospital’s tools and Operation theaters trays by maintaining their records on the basis of their usage, their disposal and steribility factors and serve an optimized report that will ensure security and quick analysis report to your hospital.

  • Automated instruments proceedings

The automation facility that schedules and plans the operation theaters trays as required in the u to focus on increasing the business conversion ratio by generating ROI.

  • No installation- no maintenance cost

The CRM need not to be installed and hence, no need for maintenance cost as it runs over the web portals and efficiently manages every task effectively.

  • Flexible module:- for the adroit team collaborations

This hospitlization and sterilization application provides the flexibility to the working of the nurse stations who keeps the records of their tools and medicines in the hospital, ensuring the staff as well as pateints’ security.

  • 100% Transparency

The Online Hospitalization and sterilization application provides the 100% transparency of their work progress to the maintenance staff managing these instruments and tools.

  • Your Hospital — your Tool

The Instrument Tracking Software can be customized as per each of your operation theaters’ requirements, you can edit, add and remove the instruments with the advancement of time.

Asset and Instrument Management System

  • Build accurate sets of instruments in trays to maintain the inventory.
  • Creates the perfect space between theatre efficiency and infection control.
  • Instinctive tray container provides basic details like approved substitutes, critical items.
  • Reduces the number of lost items, cost of maintaining inventory or refurbish or repair devices.

Sterilization & Washer Management

  • Manages the equipment as per their usage and washes to ensure the maximum patient safety.
  • Record for the counts of usage of common washer steriliser tests.
  • Ability to integrate and collaborate with all brands.
  • Competency management logic ensures technicians have proper knowledge of processing sterilization loads and BI results.

Electronic Database System

  • Accesses the records of the detailed information of usage of your surgical instruments.
  • Usage of scanning technology that can efficiently trace your equipment,
  • Gains the complete accountability on all instrument information.
  • Maintains the catalogue number and description, price, preventive maintenance schedule, serial number, ownership, disinfectant method, acquisition date etc.

Improved Maintenance and Accountability

  • Competency verification logic acknowledges whether technicians are properly trained to handle and prepare all equipment.
  • Intelligent maintenance system ensures items are maintained based on use to save money from unnecessary maintenance.
  • The distinctive inventory management reduces time spent searching for peel packs and containers or building case carts by more than 30%
  • Ensure accountability for all tasks, processes and results.

Reporting and Decision Support Tools

  • 300+ standard reports generations
  • No charge generated custom reports or queries
  • Standard monthly reporting package with performance metrics.
  • Exportable to Excel and dashboard features

Safety and Data Security

  • Data is saved and secured in cloud means data is secured in highly confidentiality and maintained the integrity of it
  • Confidentiality and privacy of your data means a lot, thus it’s storage, recovery procedures meant to be easier than ever!
  • Nothing goes out of your database, but can be active aqnd inactive anytime as per your customized needs.