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Detailed Features About Three Open Cart Platforms

Magento is the right platform


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Magento is our reference for power customers. The functions are amazing, and it is nicely designed that documents for a flourishing community of third party developers to develop very sophisticated themes and modules. These modules are generally more expensive than OpenCart and WooCommerce modules


WooCommerce is dependent but is a good solution that operates within WordPress. It can easily take benefits of the WordPress ecosystem, and that indicates, you have at your removal the wide variety of WordPress plugins and themes freely available for use. If you perceive to increase your website with very basic ecommerce functionality, WordPress coupled with WooCommerce is an excellent choice.


In terms of features, WooCommerce is extremely barebones. Things that are passed over in Magento and OpenCart are nowhere to be found in WooCommerce, although the majority is available as add-ons modules.

wordpress plus woocommerce
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OpenCart is a modest eCommerce tool that can accomplish the needs of basic as well as progressive stores. It is sponsored by its own set of extensions and themes. In terms of pricing, its themes can be free of charge or reach up to about $60-70 per unit.

OpenCart can be run on virtually any server pattern that maintenances databases plus PHP. OpenCart interface is open; therefore, there’s no need to absorb any rocket science to get started with this device.

OpenCart is generally for those observing to operate a basic online marketing store. If you like simplicity but do not want to compromise too much in the features section, it’s a good choice.


OpenCart provides lots of features. The order processing is enough for almost all businesses, catalog functionality is powerful, and you will learn scores of extensions.