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The field staff and service industry has grown tremendously with various opportunities to improve efficiency and service deliveries. With numerous opportunities, deficiency and discrepancy among the industry has also increased. To recognize these discrepancies and deficiencies among all failures is quite a task whose failure can bring delays, low key customer satisfaction and poor productivity. With small amendments and changes in your field staff and services protocol, your experts can come forward to provide service faster and more accurately. The following are 10 ways to optimize your sales staff services department’s efficiency with sales staff tracking mobile applications.

Find a system that provides real-time updates.

The availability of parts and timeliness are two factors that can impact customer satisfaction in the field service industry. This Real-time updating system of sales staff tracking mobile application is a cloud-based software system which provides field staff immediate access to schedule changes and inventory, which enables to provide swift responses to the customers. Thus, these sales staff agents are able to find out when their numbers are growing down and can find ways to ensure that their sales can increase.

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Assure that your work order is a mobile-friendly system.

A work order system which is compatible with all devices like tablets and other mobile devices which supports the managers and experts to complete the services on the job quickly and easily. The services gets faster and optimized with time by receiving the order faster, invoices faster and fetching a healthier cash flow for your organization.

Use video to convey instructions.

The problem-solving techniques and illustrating installation instructions are conveyed by the videos which is the best means for field staff and service technicians. They are useful for technicians in training and for those who are struggling to resolve new or complex product issues.

Track your work and sales orders to identify sales trends and patterns.

The field service are tracked and tackled by the field staff who are issued with service tickets so that the sales staff and service managers can witness seasonal patterns and new trends with service requests. Learning these patterns and trends to assist in strengthening the technician staffing and inventory forecasting.

Provide managers and technicians access to contract details

This helps in executing the safety and security regulations to protect against the contract leakage, or the aptness against the contract failure as the field technicians and sales staff service to provide free delivery of parts where it is considered that the customers are well aware of the warranty and contract of the items. If technicians get immediate access to a customer’s account, they can see the terms of the contract clearly.

Encourage clients and customers to submit feedback.

Customer feedback can assist you in improving your service operations and address issues with service delivery. Furthermore, customer wants to be valued and appreciated, that fosters repeat business. The resultant is in the form of customer retention and increased revenue with sales staff tracking mobile applications.

Offers a quick complimentary spot check of other products onsite.

There are many situations, field staff can find the customers may have other products that may require services, The immediate offer to perform a complimentary spot check, staff members can perform a check and get opportunities for subsidiary servicing charges and revenues on .

Incentivize customers for prepaying annual service contracts.

Customers who are keenly interested to pay for their services as per contracts in advance should get advantages with discounts or free accessories. Receiving prepaid incomes strengthens the cash flow for service organizations, surviving them with cash resources which are required to service large projects.

Teach technicians how to increase sales for service contracts.

All field staff members are not a salesperson, but like others everyone receives training for basics to increase sales with service contracts and be benefited for successfully expanding the goals and revenue collection at contractual services with sales staff tracking mobile applications.

Organize an annual internal audit for your field staff records and service procedures directories.

An internal audit can assist you to identify billing mistakes, inventory deficiencies, to get better opportunities to scale improved documentation. Field service processes should be monitored, reviewed to find the chances for improvement. Also, internal audits can help you to plan for upcoming compliance reviews.

Bonus tip: Investigate to find the best workforce management software or sales staff tracking software, experts.

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The best way to optimize your field staff and service operations is to involve the support of an experienced workforce management software specialist. A trained industry professional will analyze your business operations and recommend a software solution that can maximize your field service department’s productivity and efficiency.

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