We gave special attention to the scalability, cross-platformity, interlanguage operability and safe-programming that is enabled by .NET technology.

Areas of Expertise

Large-scale, quickly and constantly enlarging projects that require further smooth porting to Pocket PC or MAC and which may later require internet services, etc.


ERP, Accounting, Finance, CRM, Loans, applications porting to PDA, Portals.

.NET(MVC) Technologies

Investment Project, CRM and Finance Application are major projects built on Microsoft .Net technologies:

Microsoft .Net provides abstract layer over the OS through common runtime language. Also .Net provides inbuilt class libraries and pre defined code for beginner for programming.

Android Application Development

Adroit Infosystem with its experienced professionals offer custom Android development services at minimal cost. If you are a brand then you need to have an app for your customers providing your services on their Android phones, and if you are a small business then you should have an app so that you can target millions of Android users worldwide.

Microsoft .Net Development Advantages

  1. Through Microsoft .Net developer can create secure and reliable web services with less effort.
  2. You can easily collaborate between .net developers and business process owner for providing more user friendly environment, better accessed data and improving productivity for the end user.
  3. Along with ODBC connectivity it also provides flexible data access options with its fast ADO.Net tools.
  4. Using Microsoft Free AJAX framework now you can create attractive dynamic web application with less efforts.
  5. 2D and 3D graphics are very well supported with .net framework and can use the hardware accelerated effects for 2D or 3D Games development.
  6. Now Microsoft Silverlight of Microsoft .Net framework also offers you to create cross-platform, cross-browser, cross-device plug-in for creating .Net application for mass media.

ASP Dot .Net Development India

Adroit is one of the early adaptor of .NET frameworks. We have highly skilled and experienced team of .Net developers in India. We have also delivered and upgraded a number of .NET application using framework 1.0, 2.0, 3.5 to different industries like web based, finance, manufacturing or trading.

Silverlight Development

Microsoft Silverlight is one of the ways for the special effects and all the fast moving animations. Silverlight Programming can now bring more colors to life bringing more pictures and graphics integration.

Open Source

LAMP is based on open source and includes all necessary components for building dynamic web applications. These include: an operating system - Linux, Web server - Apache, a database - MySQL and a programming language - PHP. Linux open source operating system is a UNIX-based and runs on a wide variety of equipment. The Linux operating system can be configured and optimized for individual needs. The Apache web server, which is compatible with different operating systems like Linux, UNIX, Windows and Mac OS X, etc. The Apache web server can be used to serve both static and dynamic web pages. Save Apache provides a number of features that help in the development of applications. Some of them include: SSL support in the secure web server, GUI-based interface to configure the server, the URL rewriting that allows you to create search engine friendly URLs, full log files for errors, running multiple sites web of a monkey, etc. Installation Apache

We can offer solutions using the following Open Source technologies: Open Source developement has the capability of working on Joomla for years. We have developed numerous solutions by customizing the Joomla! based on the customer specific requirements for a range of different domains like Healthcare, Education, Travel, Real Estate, Community Portals, E-commerce Solutions, Corporate Websites etc.

Joomla/Mambo! is a PHP and MySQL based Content Management System that runs on Linux, Windows, MacOSX, Solaris and AIX. It has a database driven site engine, with fully customizable layouts and sections. It includes features such as articles manager, database driven menus, archive manager to store articles for future reference, news feed manager, random news flash generator, Extensions, remote author submission module for news, articles and FAQs.

We can help you to switch normal website to Joomla or migration from old version of Joomla to latest version:

  1. Converting the existing site to Joomla.
  2. Development using the core architecture of Joomla, so as to keep the upgrades effortless.
  3. Encryption using GnuPG Privacy Guard method.
  4. Multiple backend/frontend user roles/permission management to grant access to selective administrator/public modules. The users will have access to those modules (within the administrator console/and public) to which they have permissions.
  5. Created the feature of mass mailing using schedulers to avoid choking of the mail server.
  6. Generating an account activation codes on users’ mobiles.
  7. Integrating more payment gateways to VirtueMart.
  8. Integration of third party audio/video chat software.


AJAX is an acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. In the AJAX client and server is asynchronous interaction namely the client-server interaction is not based on applications. The server can upload data to the browser, without waiting for a request. The main advantages of AJAX-based Rich Internet Applications is the fastest download speed in implementing AJAX applications.


  1. CakePHP
  2. WordPress
  3. Drupal
  4. Symfony
  5. Zend
  6. Joomla
  7. SugarCRM

Content management system Joomla to your business

Joomla is an award winning dynamic portal engine and CMS (Content Management System). It is an open source solution that is free to use and readily available to everybody which can easily be downloaded from internet. It is useable to any kind of application or portal which may be small, enterprise level or global.


We offer Java software development since the very foundation of the company. Members of Java teams includes Sun certified ones and consultants with 12 years of experience in java technology.

ava specialists have an extensive experience in financial java software development and have proven their capabilities in finance domain.

With a motivated team of Java Developers who have a strong technical background and commitment towards excelling in Java Application Development, we ensures efficient work and delivery of high-quality software in lesser time and lower costs.

Skill set of Java professionals:

Core Java

Java SE Development Kit (JDK) , Swing, applets, SWING/AWT, Networking (Sockets, Secure Connections, HTTP, FTP) security.

Application / Web Server

J2EE, Weblogic Application Server, Glassfish Application Server, Tomcat Web Server, Jrun.



Areas of expertise

Financial Applications, e-Commerce, B2B, B2C, Web


Adroit can help you understand and analyze your business requirements and accordingly design and implement a database solution for the best performance of the business. We specializes in MS SQL 2008, 2005, 2000, MY Sql and can rapidly develop database systems. We help our clients to maintain the database with best of the design, performance and storage. By identifies your requirements, we enable a well normalized database design which fully meets your business objectives and support with all expects of software requirement and easy flow of information. To ensure a database is created that meets your current and long term business need, Adroit use their proven methodologies to effective database design.