Purchase Order Management

Purchase Order Management

Purchase Order Management provides for the entry and tracking of purchase orders for direct and indirect materials and services. This is supported throughout the entire purchasing process, from generation of the requisition through receiving of materials or approval of service provided including accounts payable integration. Rootstock also maintains all vendor information and reporting required by buying organizations to make better-informed purchasing decisions.

Purchase Order Management solution reduces the risk of errors with manually entered orders. No visibility compounds into expensive problems when the product is delayed or missing at the dock. When a fax, Email, paper or phone order is sent, success is assumed until something goes wrong. Consider the amount of time spent on low value add activities including confirming items, shipments, prices, invoice amounts and invoice payments.

Electronically send purchase orders, changes and cancellations, as well as receive order acknowledgements, and shipping notices with suppliers worldwide in a variety of data standards and languages. Trading partners can access the data by online portal or file integration with back office applications.

Create POs and define approver

The PO flow guides you through the Purchase order Cycle. Create a PO with required items and define who needs to approve the PO.

Approve / Reject PO

Based on the PO, the approver can approve or deny a PO. Approved POs are sent to the vendor to make sure that the items are shipped to the right address.

Closed PO / Receive Asset

Once the assets are received, the PO invoice details are captured and moved to a state "Invoice Received". When the payment is received, these details can be included within the Purchase order and can be closed.