Application Re-engineering

Application Re-engineering

Many organizations have custom-built application that are integrated tightly into their business which is unique according to their business process and are built on legacy technologies. In these cases implementing packaged solutions means losing competitive edge and re-writing application is risky and expensive.

By integrating your unique business process into strategic technologies using Application Re-engineering with Adroit you avoid complete application re-writes and avoid costly package implementations.

Why Adroit Infosystem

  1. Expertise in latest technology ecosystem.
  2. Process automation across various stages of re-engineering such as data collection, reverse engineering, forward engineering, etc.
  3. Proven tools for re- engineering.

Services we offer

At Adroit, we provide Re-Engineering to achieve the following:

  1. Integrating the business logic.
  2. Understand the weak points.
  3. Creating use cases by performing analysis / reverse engineering for target application.
  4. Development using latest tools and products to achieve the target architecture.

Solution Benefits

  1. Decrease complete cost of ownership.
  2. Decrease time to market for the new or altered applications or products.
  3. Avoid package implementation, which requires alteration of the business process.
  4. Re-use applications to leverage organization’s unique business process.
  5. More room for exploring strategic initiatives.