Adroit ERP

Adroit ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Using ERP, companies can transform themselves from non-integrated units with scattered islands of information to integrated architecture having strong global company, managing the entire operations from the single location. It is multi-currency and multi company software based in .Net platform. It offers you best of functionality at the cost comparable to mid range ERPs. It works with equal dexterity and robustness across manufacturing, distribution, trading and retail environment. ERP is specially meant for small and medium Enterprises segment.

Our ERP offer you following functionality in convenient priced combination of modules and suites.

  • Inquiry Module
  • Sales & Marketing`
  • Costing Module
  • Quotation Module
  • Stores, Inventory & warehouse Management
  • Purchase
  • Production Planning & Control  
  • QOC & Inspection
  • Packaging & Shipment
  • After Sales Services
  • HR Management
  • Payroll
  • Accounts (Payables & Receivables)
  • Finance, Control & Budgeting
  • Taxes & Levies
  • Asset Management
  • Operation & Administration  
  • Business Intelligence
  • Security & Accesses Control
  • SMS Management
  • Process & Flow Management
  • Data Management (Synchronization, Replication etc.)

Featues :

  • Based on Cutting edge technology Dot Net (Microsoft).
  • User Friendly (GUI based on Microsoft Technology)
  • Highly Secure (Multi level, individual screen level and approval level security)
  • Comprehensive in term of data capturing
  • Scalable (Since it is based on .net)
  • Flexible (Various options and choices are available to choose)
  • Various Analyzing Reports and Graphs
  • All legal reports are as per Indian Govt. Standard
  • Customizable as per customer requirement
  • Business Intelligence tools
  • Strong Business logic
  • Robust
  • Cost Effective
  • maintenance cost
  • Integrated with different departments and Locations
  • Works smoothly for multi location enterprises
  • Based on ISO guidelines.
  • It makes data available across the enterprise at any locations to enable better decision, faster.
  • Enables better return on investment through cost effective and faster deployment capability
  • It can be deployed progressively based upon organizational suitability.
  • Automates critical functions of organizations.
  • Optimizes the process.
  • Maintain discipline across the functions.
  • Realize the full potential of enterprise capability
  • Applies the power of information technology in better way.
  • Comprehensive MIS reporting.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • It is based on most reliable and trusted platform.
  • Boost productivity and thereby profit.
  • Helps to achieve cutting down cost, time and wastage by stream lining the operation and better utilizing the resources.
  • More than 400 Reports of all types and categories.